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    South-wide Stumpage Markets

    Overall, timber prices increased in the 2nd Quarter, as steady demand together with constrained supply due to wet conditions drove prices upward.

    South-wide average stumpage prices increased for three major sawtimber products but decreased for the two major pulpwood products in the 2nd Quarter. In particular, the price of both pine sawtimber and pine chip-n-saw increased to its highest respective level in over five years. Also, the South-wide hardwood sawtimber price increased to above $30 per ton after dropping below this mark each of the previous two quarters.

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    Stumpage Prices & Publications

    South-wide Average Stumpage Prices

    • Available here (last updated Jul 12, 2021)

    State-wide Average Stumpage Prices

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    Quarterly Report Distributions

    In the News 2Q2021

    Record high lumber prices supported new investment and sawmillers announced capital improvements with added mill capacity. New lumber capacity announced for the South's timber markets this quarter could add more than 3.0 bbf capacity by 2023.

    Market Indicators

    - Softwood lumber prices surged and then subsided, surpassing previous record highs in May, but up only 1% Q/Q by the end of June. Y/Y prices were up more than 400% from June 2020.

    - Hardwood lumber prices also increased, up 21% Q/Q and 59% Y/Y.

    - Softwood and hardwood pulp prices increased, up 25% and 30% Q/Q, respectively.

    - US building construction remained active this quarter, exceeding last year's levels, up 25% YTD-May from the same period in 2020.

    - US log and lumber exports continued stronger than in 2020. Exports totaled 3.5 million cubic meters YTD-May, the latest available, which was up 24% compared to the same period in 2020.